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Comprendre les réseaux sociaux

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Brève description

À travers à un mélange d'éléments théoriques et pratiques, cette rencontre proposait un éveil au plein potentiel des réseaux sains. Les participants en ont retiré des outils et des stratégies pour réaliser un développement de réseau intelligent. [ressource disponible en anglais seulement]

Clientèle cible

Réseaux de diffusion

Type de formation


Durée de la formation

3 h 30

Ressource affichée par

Frédéric Julien / CAPACOA
200-17, York
Ottawa (Ontario) K1N 9J6 / Canada

613 562-3515

Understanding social networks

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Already presented: November 2010, CAPACOA Conference, Ottawa
Assistance: 11
Trainer: Chris Black, Meta Strategies


Brief description

Through a mix of network theory and practical exercises, this session aimed at awakening the participants to the full potential of healthy networks, and at providing them with tools and strategies to engage in smart network development.

Detailed description

•Social networks basics
•Informal vs formal networks
•Influence of social networks
•Smart networks
•Network mapping
•The different roles in the network

Practical exercises:
•Network Health Scorecard (see below)
•Network visualization
•Network Weaver Checklist (see below)

Expected results:
At the end of the workshop...
•Participants have a broader (and perhaps more holistic) definition and understanding of networks, especially with regards to formal and informal networks.
•Participants have a basic knowledge of network theory fundamentals and have the capacity to discuss network development with a shared terminology.
•Participants have changed their mental schemes (or paradigms) around network development:
oThey recognize that networking goes beyond a membership model;
oThey are fully aware of the importance and the value of informal networks;
oThey recognize that their network functions in a complex environment and that they need to be connected with that environment (outside of the presenting domain).
•Participants will appreciate the process for visualizing their networks and assessing them with regard to effectiveness, sustainability, and connectedness to other networks.
•Participants have developed specific actions that they want take upon their return to develop, reframe or recombine their network (within their mission).

Target audience

Presenting networks

Form of delivery


Length of program

3.5 hours

Client evaluation

-"I've learned more in three hours than two years in my job"
-"This is totally applicable and transferable"
-"the opportunity for RPNs to meet and learn together has proven to be fabulous for me"
-"... very informative and valuable to our network. Your efforts to tailor work for us worked very well."
-"it was very useful for me"
-"cet atelier était intéressant et ... enrichissant"

Prerequisites for students and assistance

Participants were asked to read the chapter one of a recommended reading (see below) and to fill the Network Health Scorecard (see below).

Lessons learned

The workshop was successful because its subject was extremely relevant to the participants. Another success factor was the balance between clearly established expected results and the reasonable flexibility to allow the moderator to make use of his strengths.

Although very few participants read the preparatory material, the majority took the time to complete the Network health scorecard - this tool was appreciated.

On the downside, we ran out of time to truly identify strategies that participants wanted to implement upon their return.


Worskhop documents

Nicholas A. Christakis and James H. Fowler. Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives. New York: Brown, Little, 2009.

Recommended website:

Meta Strategies

Resource published by

Frédéric Julien / CAPACOA
200-17, York
Ottawa (Ontario) K1N 9J6 / Canada

613 562-3515

Ce projet est rendu possible grâce à Patrimoine canadien et au Secrétaire aux affaires intergouvernementales canadiennes du Québec

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